Types of wigs, their features and qualities


Hair wigs are the newest addition to this modern world. As a woman, you probably know that hair wigs are a lifesaver when it comes to hair trends, as one cannot achieve that specific look without getting a haircut or growing them.

Not all wigs are suitable for you. Each of them is designed and constructed in different ways to accommodate different needs. So here are all the types of wigs you need to know before going out to get one for yourself. The transparent human hair lace wig and HD lace wig are the best ones in trend nowadays.

Types of wigs

There are a total of four major types of wigs. You can choose the best for you from these.

· Synthetic wigs

This is the best choice for you if you want a low-maintenance wig. As synthetic wigs are made of polymers and man-made fibers, they look a lot like human hair. Synthetic wigs tend to retain their shape, so they are suitable for styling as your hair won’t get messed up when you’re on the go, but restyling it might be difficult as they are so good at holding their shape that they might not budge.

· Human hair wigs

If you want something more authentic, human hair wigs are the best option, but these will cost you a lot compared to other wigs. Human hair wigs feel very real and make you look even prettier as they come from natural human hair. These wigs are comfortable to wear, and the hair is softer, so you have to take good care if you plan to buy them.

As it is made from natural human hair, it doesn’t stop you from applying heat to it or curling it or whatnot. You can also recolor human hair wigs, but the only drawback is that if you don’t give proper care to the human hair wig, it will not be as perfect as it was.

· Lace front wigs

Lace front wigs are built with stronger caps to give your hair a more natural look. Lace front wigs can either be synthetic or human hair wigs. The main thing about this type of wig is that you can achieve a better look wearing this type of wig. These wigs are made by hand, and each strand is attached separately to the lace. Lace front wigs are easy to care for and can be styled in any way you want.

· Machine made wigs

Machine-made wigs are very similar to lace front wigs. The only difference is that these wigs are not hand-sewn and are attached to the cap. Machine-made wigs are the most commonly used wigs as they are affordable and look realistic as long as you don’t tie your hair up. These wigs are produced in bulk quantity using human hair, animal hair, or synthetic hair.

Things to keep in mind

When you buy a wig, these are some things that you should keep in mind. No wig will last long enough if there is no proper care or hair care routine for the wig. Usually, wigs last about 4 to 7 months.


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