Possible Placement Ideal For Your Hot Tub


China Royal Spa is a renowned manufacturer of hot tubs in China. The brand produces some of the best products from the best and highest quality materials. Therefore, if you are looking for the best hot tub brand, China Royal Spa should be a the top of your list. However, before getting a royal hot tub, you may want to consider the following hot tub placement ideas.

Possible placement ideal for your hot tub

There are two main spots you can install your hot tub. These two positions can be split into other possibilities. They are:


The first place you can install your hot tub is inside your house. Here, you have the following options:

In the basement

The basement is a specific installation location for most people with indoor hot tubs. This is because the hot tub is usually separated from the main living area in your home. Therefore, you do not have to worry about your hot tub getting in your way or influencing the layout and aesthetics of your home.

However, if you choose to have your hot tub installed in the basement, you must ensure proper ventilation in the area. Note that a hot tub is a great source of moisture. The moisture from the hot tub can lead to mold and rot in your basement. Having good ventilation or an in-room exhaust fan can come in handy.

In a separate or custom room

If you have enough space in your house, you can create a custom or separate room for your hot tub. This is the best placement idea because you can customize the room to suit the hot tub and meet all your hot tub needs. For instance, you can create proper ventilation and have your hot tub built-in. You will also need to make a drainage system and the necessary electrical connections. Note that you may need professional assistance to prepare the room and install your hot tub. Getting a custom room for your hot tub is an incredible idea because it will also give you privacy when using the hot tub.

In the bathroom

Some people also choose to install hot tubs in their bathrooms. This would be a good idea if you did not have enough space in the rest of your house and your bathroom was large enough to accommodate the structure. Here, you will also need to make some changes to your bathroom structure in preparation for the installation process. Note that installing your hot tub in your bathroom may not be a good idea if you only have one bathroom in your house.


The other option for hot tub placement is outdoors. Here, you have the following options:

Next to your house

Installing your hot tub right next to your house is a great alternative if you do not have enough space indoors. It would also be a great idea because you do not have to use a power supply that is far. However, you must ensure that the position is safe for you, the occupants of your home, and the hot tub itself.

In your yard or garden

You can also choose to install your hot tub in your yard or garden. This is an excellent idea if you enjoy the beauty of nature. It would also work with a portable hot tub. However, you must ensure that the location is also safe.


Finding a placement spot for your hot tub is easy if you are working with a portable hot tub. However, when it comes to a permanent built-in hot tub, you may need to be careful and take your time when picking the right spot.


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