Common Features Of A Pressure Washer


Pressure washers are excellent equipment that you can use for all cleaning activities, such as truck cleaning. There are great options to choose from, like the gas-powered or electric type or the cold or hot water type. Some are suitable for heavy-duty and commercial chores, while others are good for your household. Whichever kind you go for, they all clean well, provided you choose what works well for your intended surface. All units have characteristics, some common, some different based on the model. In this extract, we delve into the features of a pressure washer.

Pressure washer features

Below are qualities that you’ll find in almost all these units.

1. Pressure washer soap dispenser

Most of the latest units possess this feature. When cleaning, it is pretty common to apply a detergent by hand or mix it in water and apply it on the surface. Having an automatic dispenser saves you the hustle and time as you dispense the soap anytime you need it. The dispenser is easily accessible, and you fill it with detergent to the marked level. To use it effectively, you attach the 65-degree or ‘soap dispenser’ nozzle and spray the soap, then switch to any other nozzle once you are done. Another advantage of this feature is the detergent remains in its compartment for future use, so you don’t have to keep worrying about it, and the process becomes quick and easy.

2. Automatic shut off switch

This feature ensures the unit turns off when not in use or when you let go of the handle. It comes in handy when you suddenly have to attend to something or when you lose focus. There’s comfort in knowing that the machine is safe and that no damage to the surrounding elements is incurred. In addition, it prevents the wastage of energy and unnecessary wear on the equipment.

3. Adjustable pressure washer nozzles

Pressure washer units come with nozzles that restrict water flow, causing pressure build-up. Typically, they are available in different colors and degrees for water coverage. They are packed independently in the kit once you buy the machine; however, it comes as a single component for the adjustable type. You adjust it depending on the water spray pressure you want. Some significant benefits of this feature are its ease of use and convenience. Once you start cleaning, you don’t have to keep replacing the nozzle.

4. Switchable pressure washer nozzles

They are the complete opposite of the adjustable kind. As much as you can adjust the water pressure, having to interchange the nozzles is much more accurate. As a new user, it’s better to remove the light load nozzle and fix the heavy load one than to think hard about what level to adjust the nozzle to.

5. Unit storage

Some pressure washers allow you to store the power cord, nozzles, and wand inside, which is beneficial. It protects them from wear and tear, and you only get them out when you need them.


The features above are the most common in pressure washers, but there are several others too. They include pressure selection technology, multiple detergent tanks. Each feature plays a vital role.  So, it’s important to determine the qualities you want before purchasing a unit. They make cleaning straightforward and save you time and energy during the process.


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